Monday, October 23, 2006

Shelley the Republican is NOT Satire

This from the horses mouth (in an almost live conversation with "Shelley Goodman", of on MSN messenger):

Conversation with Shelley Goodman on 23.10.2006 2:25:56:

(2:29:50) I'm in Nizza - Mathew:
I have to ask: Is your site (and the opinions contained within) satirical? Is this "Tristan" character a real person, and are the opinions he expresses on your site real or just some baloney designed to cause the blood of many "geeks" - both in the US and indeed, around the world - to boil? I mean, really... what is with your site? I have read so many different OTHER sites claiming you (and your crew) to be satirists, and others who claim that you (and your crew) actually think in the way that is represented on your site.

(2:34:18) I'm in Nizza - Mathew:
For example, this article: its just downright... err... well, either someone has their facts wrong OR they are presenting the facts in a certain way, in an attempt to sway the masses (who do not know otherwise) in a given direction. If it's all a joke, there are A LOT of people who don't get it.

(6:26:46) Shelley Goodman:
Well, I don't think Tristan is perfect. He might do a mistake here and there but the web site and his work is of course not 'satirical'.

(6:46:34) I'm in Nizza - Mathew:
So it isn't a joke? That's... amazing. So many other websites (people who have reviewed and
discussed the "articles") think it's a big load of baloney designed to "annoy" a certain group of people - in the case of what this guy Tristan writes, that would be users of Operating Systems that are not Windows. Especially since so many of his "facts" are, in fact, incorrect, most people seem to concur that he is just a big blabbering idiot. I've not researched much further at this point, but if you don't mind I'd like to be mention in various forums and discussions on these topics that your site (and the opinions contained therein) are, in fact, serious. is a good place to start - at this point, the first article (ridden with all sorts of mistakes, including spelling) just goes to show why I would question "is this all a joke" in the first place. I hope to have an ongoing conversation with this "person" to try and get inside their mind.

All I can say is that I find the opinions within this girls website to be quite bizarre. I also find this "Tristan" character to be... well I know nothing of Tristan, but his writings are >98% factually inaccurate.

From the first article:
STR Fact File: Should I upgrade to Vista now? Yes, definitely. Vista includes an all-new sercurity system called TCP/IP which will no doubt stump foreign hackers for years. A client of mine had a Linux computer which had a virus called “Fur Elise” which caused the computer to play random melodies through it’s speaker. I told him that if he upgraded to Vista the virus would be gone. Unfortunately he failed to heed my advice, and days later the PC’s cheap foreign-made CPU had completely burned out.
Answer: Pretty sure INTEL makes it's chips in Malaysia, too. Also, there ain't no Linux virus called "Fur Elise"... and... VISTA ISN'T OUT YET - effectively what you are saying to your poor client is "Pirate a beta version of Windows!"... cause unless you're MSDN or something, you ain't going to be able to get ahold of it. Don't even get me started on TCP/IP being a "security system".

From the second article:
Fact File: The most skilled hackers call themselves “Script Kiddies” because they use Linux PHP scripts to do all their hacking.
Answer: Say WHAT? It's quite the reverse: script kiddies are the "lamest" of hackers.

TRISTAN, IF YOU READ THIS, CHECK YOUR FACTS. Same for all the other posters for STR. Readers should not take this site seriously.

He even goes to say on:
"I have a wide understanding of both technical and business computing issues. I am sure you will agree that I am exceptionally qualified to speak on this subject."
Answer: Uh, no. Not judging by all the inaccurate information you publish. The rest of this article just goes to prove that it HAS to be a bunch of bollocks - this guy CAN'T be serious!
"...Windows installers often include extra programs that might be of interest. For example, my download included Claria, and Comet-Cursor..."

I can't read on. There is "too much stupid" on ESPECIALLY by this Tristan guy.

Oh yeah, and look at what they do to their "enemies":

I think I would like to offer the previous owners of these blogs some webspace! If you are the previous owner (and can prove it) - I'll give you a free account on my web server, complete with Wordpress and/or Drupal. Running Linux... and PHP.

I do not succumb to legal threats, and all the times I have been sued for pissing off some corporation (thats twice), I have won.

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